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Adblock Browser is the official Android browser from the Adblock Plus team, developers of the eponymous extension that's blocked so many ads on so many computers. As expected, this browser lets you visit any webpage without having to see any intrusive or annoying ads on your Android.

The sharpest Android users will notice that Adblock Browser is openly inspired on the Android version of Mozilla Firefox. As such, it doesn't just have a similar interface, it also has many of its features: bookmarks, multiple tabs, incognito browsing, etc. Everything you'd expect of a modern browser is here.

What you also find on Adblock Browser and won't see on any other browsers is the feature that gives its name to the application: Adblock. From the options tab in the browser you can also configure the type of ads you want to block and even create a list of webpages on which you don't want to block any ads.

Adblock Browser is an excellent Android browser that offers an unbeatable browsing experience. It's not only that it lets you browse without ads, it's also a solid and very reliable browser.
AdBlock Plus releases its own Android browser

Adblock Plus is the undisputed king of blocking web advertising. Till now its philosophy has involved offering add-ons to install on the most popular browsers, but from now on it’s going one step further: Adblock Browser is a fully functional web browser for Android based on Firefox that integrates all the block options by default.
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Requires Android 2.3 or higher

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